As an ordained minister for many years, my current ministry is to go into different churches, as led by the Lord, and pray for the work of God there, warfaring against the works of the devil. I love to see people delivered. God has given me a love for fasting and prayer, also.

“Witchcraft”, as defined in Webster’s Dictionary, is “the power or practice of witches; black magic; sorcery.” A “witch” is defined as a woman supposedly having supernatural power by a contract with the devil or evil spirits. A man with such power is called a “warlock.”

Often, people have the false assumption that witchcraft refers to someone putting items in your food. But that is not always the case. There are many forms of witchcraft. In some cases, it involves conjuring up demons from hell and dispatching them to churches or individuals to cause envy, strife, and confusion. Spirits of delusion (which will cause a false belief or opinion, meant to mislead; deceive or trick) are a strong tool used in witchcraft.

I’ve found in my many years of ministry, that a spirit of delusion can destroy a marriage. For example, it will cause suspicion and false accusations to be made by one spouse against the other. In the church, divisions between Pastors and members can result when this spirit is loosed to attack the pastor. Many pastors have been hurt, deceived, misused and had their churches split as a result.

The Lord showed me in a vision, that a group of men were chanting and working witchcraft against a well-known recording artist out of jealousy. I saw spirits being sent to attack him. So, I tried to reach him through one of his brothers, a hairdresser and a dancer, but he never responded. I talked to his employees and told them what God had said. I tried to warn him, but he didn’t receive it. Shortly afterwards, I began seeing on television news that all kinds of confusion, strife, and mishaps were coming against him and his entourage. He fell from “Number 1″ on the charts to “off” the charts. I wanted to pray with him to destroy the works of darkness. So I prayed for his hairdresser instead, and he received the prayer, and is still being tremendously blessed. So much so, in fact, that he is now writing a book about this testimony.

Recently, I was working with a men’s home in Oakland, praying with the brothers there and working deliverance. The brothers were progressing well in the Lord, until a new man moved into the home. I discerned an occult spirit in his eyes. From the moment he came into the home, all kinds of confusion, envy, and strife began erupting daily.

I approached the man and prayed that blindness heaviness, and bondage would be destroyed in him and asked God to reveal to him his heart. He then confessed to the Assistant Pastor that he was a wizard (a male or female magician or sorcerer, one acquainted with the secrets of the unseen world, or an intimate acquaintance of soothsayers; definition, Pictorial Bible Dictionary). He admitted to chanting, but would not repent and turn from his evil deeds. Unbeknownst to him, I was also secretly praying against black magic, and as I did, he started complaining to the counselors that he was going to leave the home. Finally, he did leave and now things are slowly improving there. Prayer will either chase them out or lead to their repentance.

(Remember that people who practice witchcraft are still souls that Jesus died and gave his life for. God loves them and wants them saved too.)

In this book, I have purposely not disclosed any names in order to protect the privacy and identities of the persons involved. God is my witness that all I have related is the truth.


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